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Hear What The People Have to Say About Comfortable Pillow!

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Sally L

Oakwood, OH

Have you struggled to find the right pillow, too? I often woke up with neck pain and headaches so finding the right pillow has been my quest for years. Fortunately I tried The Comfortable Pillow and my search is over! It molds perfectly to my neck and provides exactly the right support. I won’t travel without it! Highly recommend!

Andy N

Oakwood, OH

So after almost 1 week of using the pillow:
No joke - I had a kink in my neck for nearly a month. Some lower back pain, but not sure if it was associated with the neck.  It’s gone. After about 3 days of using it, the neck kink is totally gone.  The pillow actually prevented me from sleeping on my stomach, because otherwise it was in the way of my face. So it forced me to side-sleep or sleep on my back.  As of today - no neck pain, no back pain. I think the pillow, over time, will create a habit of sleeping properly

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Tatyana C.

Miami, FL

You won’t sleep on any other pillow after using this one! The most comfortable neck pillow to customize my regular pillow to add the neck support I needed. I had very stiff neck - neck pain is now gone!

Both me and my husband purchased Comfortable Pillow. I’m so glad we did! And the best part- it goes everywhere with us - it’s so small and easy to handle. Great product with thought through design.

Kim P.

Dayton, OH

I bought the comfortable pillow (aka Yury’s pillow) almost to prove that it would not work. Prior to using the comfortable pillow I would frequently wake up with pain and lack of motion in my neck. So, after a week of using the pillow I decided to sleep one night without it and I immediately woke up with pain the next day. So, now I can’t sleep without it. Also, since buying the pillow I was in a car wreck and I believe it helped me recover faster from the whiplash then without it. Thank you for a great product! 

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Comfortable Pillow-125_edited.jpg

Pete F.

Dayton, OH

The comfortable pillow has been one of the best purchases I ever made.  It has reduced my neck pain at night and it has given me a better nights sleep.  The pillow gives me the support I need for my neck and my wife will attest it also reduced my snoring as well.  I would recommend the comfortable pillow to all my family and friends.  The comfortable pillow has changed my night’s sleep and has made my days full of energy.  Two thumbs up for the comfortable pillow.  

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